Dear Woodridge,

After much discussion, prayer and research we are proceeding with the implementation of online giving and wanted to share the details about it with you in this e-mail. The tool that we have decided to use is called Planning Center Giving. The name may sound familiar since we use Planning Center for many other areas in the church. While we are excited to make this announcement, we understand that some of you may have questions about this form of giving and we want to explain the reasons behind offering online giving.

First) At Woodridge, we believe that faithful stewardship begins with giving our gifts and offerings to God. We believe that this stewardship is part of God glorifying worship and rightly has a place during the corporate worship service. This will not change. If you prefer to physically give through cash or check, that’s great.  We encourage you to continue to give your offerings by placing them in the offering pouch when it is collected during worship.

Second) Giving is about the heart and is not tied explicitly to a specific method of giving (2 Cor 9:6-7). As technology improves there is a large group of people who do not carry cash or checks with them regularly. We believe there is a one to one correlation between giving with cash or check, and giving electronically. We believe that God honoring giving is not about the way in which someone gives, but it is about the heart behind giving (Matthew 6:3-4, Malachi 3:10).

Third) To find out more, please visit our webpage to access Planning Center Giving and set up a one-time payment or a recurring payment. If you have any questions, any of the Elders would be happy to speak with you.

There are three important details to note if you plan to give electronically:  

  1. Our electronic processing is handled by a company called Stripe – one of the largest, most advanced payment processors in the world.  They handle payment processing for many large organizations throughout the world.  All transactions are securely encrypted by Stripe.
  2. Automatic Withdrawal (ACH transfer) can be used to give directly from you’re checking or savings account using Planning Center Giving.  Woodridge pays a $0.25 charge for each ACH transfer.
  3. Planning Center Giving can also be used to make one-time contributions or to set up scheduled giving via your debit or credit card. While your entire donation is recorded, Woodridge pays $0.30 transaction fee plus a 2.3% fee of the total donation.

Click here to start giving through Planning Center

We hope that you are encouraged by the implementation of online giving as another tool used by God’s people to bring glory to His name.

The Elder Council at Woodridge