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Advent Devotionals

by Jesse Smith

This Christmas season we are recommending two different advent devotionals to families.  One for children and middle schoolers called The Expected One and another for high school students and adults who wish to participate called The Dawning of Indestructible Joy.  Our prayer is that these readings prepare your hearts to exalt Christ this Christmas.

An Old Guy’s Perspective

by WoodridgeAdmin

It is already getting towards the end of January! I am once again highlighting a new Bible for the year. This year’s Bible I hope to give to my oldest granddaughter Madison. Like other Bibles I have highlighted in the past it is my hope that this “legacy” gift is accepted well by her. It […]

An Old Guy’s Persepective

by WoodridgeAdmin

“with Thanksgiving” When I was in AA November was “gratitude” month. It was a time when the regular things were set aside to focus on those things we were most grateful for. Over the past 30 years my list has grown and grown especially after Jesus Christ saved me. Over the years the things on […]