What is a disciple? A disciple is one who has counted the cost of following Christ and found Him to be of Supreme worth. They have repented and believed in the gospel of Jesus Christ and continue to repent and believe daily.
What is discipleship? Discipleship is the process of being conformed to the image of Christ as we learn to submit to God in all areas of life. The process is centered on God’s work and takes place in the local Church.
How can I grow as a disciple at Woodridge? We’re glad you asked…(see below)


Corporate Worship Gathering regularly as the local church to worship in song and hear the Word preached is essential to a Christian’s discipleship. We encourage you to serve on Sunday mornings during one of the services & give generously.

1-to-1 discipleship Every Christian should be proclaiming the gospel and hearing the gospel proclaimed. We encourage you to be in relationship with younger Christians, non-believers, peers in the faith, and more mature disciples who will speak the truth in love.

Community Groups Meet with a group near your neighborhood to apply the preached Word, live in Christ-centered community and to evangelize.

Sunday School Jump in our various tracts of classes so that you can get systematically equipped for gospel ministry.

Ministries In our various ministries (such as men’s, women’s, youth, etc.) Christ followers who share common circumstances band together for a time in order to be equipped in specific areas.

To learn more, go to the Commons at church and sign up, & read though the sections below.

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