At Woodridge, as we come together Sunday mornings as the gathered church, we strive to make much of God through all aspects of this time we are together.

Corporate Worship Gathering regularly as the local church to worship in song and hear the Word preached is essential to a Christian’s discipleship. We encourage you to serve on Sunday mornings during one of the services & give generously. The primary way we are discipled as Christians in the local church is through the Holy Spirit instructing us through the faithful preaching of God’s Word. When we gather as the local church, the Holy Spirit uses the preparation from the Pastor or Elder preaching to convict us of sin, bring us to the cross where Jesus blood was spilled for that sin and turn from it. At Woodridge, we also strive to stay connected beyond our Sunday meeting by allowing the Word of God to “reverberate” in our lives. To find out more about our Sunday meeting, click here.

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