As a church every year during the month of December we seek to prepare our hearts for the Christmas season. This year to increase our joy in Christ and to maintain our focus on God during the holidays we’ll be spending the next 4 Sunday mornings as well as Christmas Eve in the first two chapters of the Gospel of Luke looking at the birth of Jesus Christ.
  • December 3rd: Luke 1:26-38 will have us pondering the glory of the incarnation and give us an example in Mary of what it looks like to trust in the Lord.
  • December 10th: Luke 1:39-56 contains Mary’s conversation with Elizabeth and Mary’s song of praise in response to God’s plan to save his people.
  • December 17th: Luke 2:1-7 will have us looking at the circumstances surrounding Jesus’ birth. On this morning we will hear from the children as they sing songs and share Gospel truths in the Children’s Christmas program.
  • December 24th: Luke 2:8-21 tells us about how the angels, shepherd’s, and Mary and Joseph responded to Jesus’ birth.
  • December 24th (Christmas Eve): Luke 2:22-35 consists of Jesus’ presentation at the temple and includes the story about a man named Simeon who rejoiced over the coming of Jesus.
As busy as this season can be for many it’s also a time in which many non-Christians are willing to talk about the Gospel and attend a church service. So I’d like to encourage you to winsomely share the Gospel this Christmas and to invite your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers to join us on a Sunday this December. It just might be the year that God chooses to shine into their hearts “the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ”(2 Corinthians 4:6b).
May the Lord use our time together in the Gospel of Luke to not only increase our joy in Christ and keep us focused on God during the holidays may he also use the preaching of his word this Christmas to bring many lost sinners to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ!
If you want to share this event or let other’s know you are coming, click the link for the facebook event.