The Middle School Youth Group (Grades 6-8) meets every Wednesday during the school year at Woodridge from 6:30-8:30 pm.

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By faith, we rely on God’s word to powerfully change and shape our hearts.  Using the Bible and other Bible-Centered resources, Wednesday night is a time that focuses on students hearing, understanding, and applying God’s word to establish a firm foundation.  The teaching time will often be based on devotions that students are assigned to read at home.  Homework?  Well, not really.  You wouldn’t consider eating dinner your homework and Jesus said, “Man shall not live on bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.”  As Christians, we need to be in God’s word and we want to encourage our students to develop life-long patterns of feeding themselves God’s word.  Parents and leaders can help form these patterns through encouragement, follow-up discussions, and praising good patterns.   

A few of the key ingredients that help our leaders influence students for Christ are time together, sharing life, speaking God’s word, and prayer.  To ensure these things happen, we have a “catch-up time” on Wednesday nights before the teaching. This gives leaders an opportunity to ask what’s going on in the lives of students….the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Leaders in turn can respond by speaking the truth in love whether that be praise, encouragement, correction, etc.  Catch up time helps our leaders to minister to students where they’re at and helps them to know how to pray for students.

If parents are looking for more discipleship for their child or children outside of the home, they are responsible to set that up.  There’s great value in your child having relationships with other adults in the church.   We do recommend that parents meet with any mentors and explain any convictions and to keep the dialogue open about sensitive topics that could come up.  Please keep in mind that students should not be transported alone with adults and they should meet in public places, ideally with some other adults and students present.  

Youth, leaders, and sometimes parents gather for fun, outreach, training, and service to help others hear the Gospel and experience Christian love.

We schedule several large group events each year.  This is a time where middle school and high school students are all together, usually at the church.  Sometimes Large Group will be a fun event (which are great for introducing non-Christian friends to Youth Group), sometimes ministry training, and sometimes service opportunities that allow the youth to serve their community and their church family so that the world will know us by our love.    

Parents gather to be equipped in crucial topics to make disciples in the home.

God has given parents the primary responsibility to disciple their children.  While youth ministry does want to come alongside those efforts, God hasn’t called us to parent students.  We want to equip parents to disciple their kids and we desire an ongoing dialogue between leaders and parents.  One way we do this is through annual seminars for parents which cover things such as teaching your kids about sex, biblical manhood/womanhood, and more.   While it is first the responsibility of parents to disciple their kids, we are here as leaders, pastors, and church members to come alongside you.

Youth and parents (or other mentors) gather to have fun and be equipped to honor Christ in their families, schools, and churches.

While there are times we just want to address parents, sometimes it’s most appropriate to address parents and teens together.   We do this at Youth Group Family Nights.  Sometimes these may simply be gathering to play games and enjoy time together.  Other times it may be a time that is focused on a particular topic.  Examples include the importance of mentorship and how to get your student connected to a mentor.  Other times it may be a workshop on exploring your gifts and how to use them to build up the church.