THE STORY that is our story

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This week we begin a new sermon series called THE STORY that is our story.

Why have I titled this series “THE STORY that is our story”? Let me start by explaining the first part “THE STORY.” “Story” simply means “an account of events.” The word story is sometimes used to refer to fictional stories like Peter Pan, Star Wars, Alice in Wonderland. But a story can also refer to true historical events, like the story of America, or of Lewis and Clark or the story of the Titanic. It is in this second sense that I am using the word story. When I say “THE STORY” I mean for it to be understood as THE STORY because it is the greatest story of all time all other stories echo, prove or fit into it, it is the story of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Bible is a collection of many stories that all fit into one story. It is the grand storyline of God’s redeeming and saving work that we call the Gospel or the “good news” of Jesus Christ. The second part of the title “...that is our story” refers to the fact that because the Gospel is God’s Story, it is also His Church’s story, it is “our story”, if you have repented and trusted in Christ as Lord and Savior then THE STORY is your story.

Why are we doing this series? How you start and what you start with matters, it reveals your priorities and it sets the direction for where you want to go. Before we moved into this building we walked through it and prayed, we read through the entire Bible in this sanctuary and we wrote God’s word all over the floors. The church is not a building she is a people but how we “opened” this building mattered. As I begin serving as the Senior Pastor of Preaching and Vision I want to “open” with a series that will give us an overview of The Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is of extreme importance to me that the first thing we do together is spend some weeks in a series that walks us through the Gospel that we believe. So we begin something “new” with something “old’, the story about a God who saves undeserving sinners through Jesus his Son. Each week we’ll look at passages in God’s word that will take us through the main chapters of the Gospel story.