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Woodridge Women’s Conference – Sufficient 2016
Held on Saturday, August 27, 2016

 Main Session 1 – The Sufficiency of Christ
Colossians 1:13-20
Speaker: Laura Glomski

After Jesus exercised tremendous authority over creation by calming a stormy sea with His word, we find the awed disciples wondering:  Who is this Jesus?  Two thousand years later, that question remains the most important one we will ever ask.  In studying Colossians 1:13-20, we will discover God’s answer to the question: Who is Jesus, and why is He qualified & sufficient to be both our Savior and our King?

Main Session 2 – The Sufficiency of Scripture
Colossians 2
Speaker: June Restrepo
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“I like to read the Bible, but…” This is a common refrain among believers who are new in the faith or who have been walking with Jesus for decades. The Bible is the only resource needed on earth to know who God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit are, how we should live as believers, and to be assured in our salvation through grace alone. Increased knowledge of why Scripture is sufficient over other texts and resources can deepen our faith in who Jesus Christ is and allow us to rest in His finished work.

Breakout Option: Sufficiency of Scripture Discussion Group

This discussion group immediately follows the main session talk, Sufficiency of Scripture and will be led by June Restrepo, the main session speaker. This workshop will give you the opportunity to discuss with other women what was taught in this former main session, to share how these truths apply personally to you, and to ask any questions you may have regarding the Bible and its sufficiency.

Breakout Option: Sufficiency of Christ Discussion Group
Discussion Leaders: Ashley Beth & Donna Schad

Join in on a small group discussion led by Ashley Beth and Donna Schad following The Sufficiency of Christ teaching.  Hearing about Christ’s sufficiency is wonderful, but talking through its practical application will help to solidify what you have learned.  In this discussion-style workshop, you will have an opportunity to engage with other women and answer questions together about what Christ’s sufficiency means to you and how it affects your every-day life.

Breakout Option – Taming the Tongue – Honoring God with Your Words
James 3:1-12
Speaker: Julie Parfrey

“I can’t believe I just said that!” How is it that we say things we wish we hadn’t and we fail to say the things we wish we had? The apostle James had a lot to say about the power our words have on others and the potential our tongues have to destroy with far-reaching effects. Learn how to go from feeling regret over the words you use to experiencing joy and freedom with each and every interaction by honoring God with what you say and trusting in the One who can transform you from the inside out.

Breakout Option: Embracing Trials with an Eternal Perspective
Colossians 3:1-4
Speaker: Lana Harwood

God has placed eternity in our hearts. But from day-to-day struggles to life’s most despairing moments, it can be difficult to see past the here and now. Hardships in life come in various forms, but the solution is the same. We need a grander perspective to get us through. Whether it is physical or emotional pain, the suffering can be overwhelming. Disappointments, broken relationships, grief and loss can burden our hearts and lead to discontentment, depression, or bitterness. But we can experience peace and joy and comfort amidst pain. We can find purpose. Eternal perspective offers us hope, right here, right now. When we view struggles in light of Scripture, we find this hope, in Christ alone. Looking far beyond the physical, we rest in the promises of God and what is to come. We can live today differently in light of eternity!

Breakout Option: The Sufficiency of Christ in Marriage, Not Just Enough, Plenty!
Colossians 3:18-25
Speaker: Nicole Hutto
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As our culture continues to war against the Biblical definition of marriage it is more important than ever that we align ourselves with God’s Word and will for marriage. It’s time to break down the stigma of submission so we can honor God in our marriages.

Breakout Option: Christian Hospitality: How “Everyday” Christians Can Respond with Justice and Mercy to the Poor and Downtrodden of the World.
Speaker: Abby Nitta
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How does one seek to remedy poverty and inequality? Does the Gospel of Jesus require every Christian to feed the hungry? Where do you even begin to engage a broken world? In this workshop, we’ll discuss the radically unglamorous vehicle for redemptive grace which Christ calls His followers to: hospitality. We’ll identify some of the most evident symptoms of a fallen world (poverty, racism, illness) and how the Bible calls Christians to invite the “least of these” into their churches, homes. and lives. Together, we’ll explore how the vulnerability of allowing someone to enter into the mess of our homes and lives is used for God’s glory and our joy.

Breakout Option: Being Yourself – What does the Bible say?
Colossians 3:12-17
Speaker: Amy Dufek

“Just be yourself!” “Follow your heart!” “Be true to you!” You’ve probably received or given this advice at some point in your life. As believers in Jesus Christ, what does it mean to “be yourself”? In these verses, Paul tells us the truth about who we really are and gives us instructions on how we are to act as those who follow Christ. God’s Word gives us a whole new definition of what “being yourself” really means.

Breakout Option: “Filled with the knowledge of His will….”
Colossians 1:9
Speaker: Jill McIlveen

How can we discover God’s will for us personally? Is it really that important to know God’s will? How does the knowledge of His will play into our becoming more like Christ? In Colossians 1:9 Paul prays for us to be filled with the knowledge of God’s will. We’ll explore what this means and how we can apply it in everyday life.