Partnering with parents and teens in proclaiming the gospel to make disciples for the glory of God


Woodridge Youth Ministry is all about…

1. The Gospel

The message of the gospel is at the center of all that we do in youth ministry.   All of our teaching, discipleship, evangelism, and service will intentionally focus on Christ’s life, death, resurrection, and return because the Gospel  is the greatest revelation of God’s glory.  While we seek to have fun together, that’s not our ultimate aim.  People are only saved through the hearing of the gospel and are only grown by the continual preaching of it.  This is why we are all about the gospel in everything we do!

2. Equipping Families for Discipleship

We recognize parents as the primary youth ministers.  While we do have weekly meetings, special events, and offer discipleship opportunities, they are not meant to replace God’s plan for family discipleship but rather to be an extension of those efforts.  Woodridge desires to equip parents to live out the Biblical patterns of Discipleship as laid out in Deuteronomy 6:4-9, Psalm 78, and Ephesians 6:1-4 and continue with the great commission.

3. Equipping Students to Serve

Together we want to identify student gifts, encourage them to step out in faith to use them, and provide opportunities for those gifts to be further developed in the church.  When teens are actively engaged in serving the church and the world, it helps make the transition to church life as an adult much more seamless.  The blessings they experience through serving includes being influenced by adult Christians other than parents, growing in an understanding of the Word and the church, and seeing first hand that they are a valuable member of the body and not just someone who comes to church to hang out with friends at youth group on Wednesday nights.

Serving in Youth Ministry

Our weekly gatherings and other events are led by our youth teaching team.  We rely heavily on volunteers to keep our weekly gatherings running and strongly encourage parents to see how they can get involved.


Highs School: Jesse Smith

Middle School: Jeff Sparks