High school small groups meet in homes from 6:30 – 8:30pm during the school year.  For more information contact pastorjessesmith1@gmail.com.

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Students gather weekly with leaders who are partnering with parents to share life, study the Bible, pray, and make disciples.

High school small groups gather weekly in homes with students and leaders of the same sex.  Attending consistently is a great way for youth to participate in their local church.  Our leaders are in relationship with parents and are actively partnering with them to help students grow in Christ.  While there will be fun and games at small group, this is a time for youth to share what’s going on in their lives…not just on their schedules, but in their hearts.  This is a place where students can be open with leaders about struggles and ask for prayer and counsel.  Small group includes an intentional time of studying God’s word.  This may be through studying a book of the Bible or a Bible-centered resource.  The goal is for students to be increasingly shaped by God’s word to resemble Jesus Christ.  None of this can be done without humble dependence on the Holy Spirit to work powerfully in hearts. With that being said, our small groups are steeped in prayer by both leaders and students throughout.  Small groups also help students to make the transition to life in the local church as they get a feel for what it is like to be in a community group.   

Several times each year our middle school and high school students gather at Woodridge for things like fun, outreach, training, and serving.

This is a time where middle school and highschool students are all together, usually at the church.  Sometimes Large Group will be a fun event (which is great for introducing non-Christian friends to Youth Group), sometimes it’ll be around ministry training and other times service opportunities that allow the youth to serve their community or church family so that the world will know us by our love.    

Parents gather to be equipped in crucial topics to make disciples in the home.

God has given parents the primary responsibility to disciple their kids.  While we do want to come alongside those efforts, we don’t want to take over parental responsibility.  We want to equip parents to disciple their children and we desire an ongoing dialogue between leaders and parents.  One way we do this is through annual seminars for parents which cover topics such as how to do devotions, how to keep the conversation going about sexuality, how to talk about dating, etc.  While it is first the parent’s responsibility to disciple their children, we are here as leaders, pastors, and church members to come alongside and partner with them.


Youth and parents, or spiritual parents, gather to have fun and get equipped to honor Christ in their homes, schools, and churches.

While there are times we just want to address parents, sometimes it’s most appropriate to address parents and teens together.   We do this at Youth Group Family Nights.  Sometimes these may be simply gathering to play games and enjoy time together.  Other times it may be focused on a particular topic.  Examples include the importance of mentorship and how to connect your teen to a mentor.  Other times it may be a workshop on exploring gifts and how students can use them to build up the church.   

Youth establish discipleship relationships with other adults who will reinforce the parents’ efforts to help their son or daughter grow in Christ.

While our aim is to equip parents to make disciples, we also see the value of teens having relationships with other adults in the church.  We encourage you to connect your kids with other adults who are godly examples to spend time with them studying scripture, praying, serving, etc.  Parents are responsible to organize such relationships, communicate with the mentor regularly, and help them to get to know their child.  Please keep in mind that students should not be transported alone with adults and they should meet in public places, ideally with some other adults and students present.