Get to know Disciples Church

Disciples Church is located in Tirana, the capital city of Albania, a predominantly Muslim country located in SE Europe. Disciples Church was planted 7 years ago with the vision of proclaiming the Gospel and making disciples in the Don Bosko neighborhood. Today, this local church has around 30 regular attenders, which is about the average size church in Albania. The vast majority of its members are first generation believers and became believers through the ministry of the church.
Marsel Lela currently serves as the lead pastor of Disciples Church. Dhurata Turullaj, Denila Lela, and Jeff and Meredith Barrett are also engaged as leaders of various ministries. Erlind Hasko, a name familiar to many at Woodridge, was the planting pastor of Disciples Church and labored faithfully for 6 years before emigrating to Canada. God has been incredibly faithful to Disciples Church over the years as it has grown in depth and numbers.
Specific prayer requests:
- Please pray for the church’s ongoing ministry to those in need in the community around the church. A devastating earthquake in 2019, the economic fallout from COVID in 2020, and an already weak economy have created profound physical needs for many Albanians. Pray that Disciples Church would be able to help meet these physical needs while also addressing spiritual needs.
- Please pray for ongoing evangelistic opportunities through the church’s offering of English courses, Bible classes for kids, and a singles’ ministry.
- Please pray for the spiritual growth of its members and that the church’s renewed focus on prayer would bear much spiritual fruit.