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Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.

Romans 12:2

Classes Currently Being Offered
May 2nd - July 11th

Philippians - Joy Apart From Circumstances

Taught By: Jovan Bjegovich
Happiness is fleeting: It is here one moment and gone the next. Jesus and His Apostles taught the emotional state that the Christian should seek is that of peace and joy in Christ rather than happiness: and Christians can have these apart from the circumstances they find themselves in. The Apostle Paul writes Philippians from jail. He is not in a circumstance conducive to happiness, yet he writes about his abundant joy in Christ. In this class we will mine the riches and wisdom of this epistle and learn how peace and joy can be ours as we cling to Christ in all things.

Intro to Biblical Theology

Taught By: Matt Jantz & Matt Erdman
Biblical theology is the discipline of learning to read the Bible, not as a collection of 66 individual books, but as one big story, given by one divine author, with the person and work of Jesus Christ as it’s center. While many people approach the Bible systematically, looking for what the Bible has to say about the doctrine of salvation, or the end times, or the doctrine of the Church; biblical theology looks at these things in light of the entire flow of Scripture. How do these things fit into God’s overarching plan of salvation? Note: Those interested in this class will be asked to purchase a copy of “God’s Big Picture” by Vaughn Roberts.

Core Christianity

Taught By: Herman Restrepo & Ryan Hutto
Oftentimes we believe what we believe about the Bible simply because that is what we have been taught, or because we have read it somewhere, but would you be able to defend it if someone were to ask you what you believe and why you believe it? This class will look at the essential and basic beliefs that all Christians share. What is core to the Christian faith? This class will be unpacking these beliefs and why they matter to our lives today, hopefully leading us to be strengthened in our beliefs and give us the ability to defend them.

The Holiness of God

Taught By: R.C. Sproul with discussion facilitated by Rich Parfrey
Join R.C. Sproul as he presents the terrifying biblical picture of God’s awesome holiness and why it is so foundational to God-centered, God-honoring theology and Christian living.

When Isaiah encountered our most holy God, he became terrified and cried out, "Woe is me!" Isaiah's experience of the holiness of God is not unlike our own. God's holiness both fascinates and terrifies us. It reveals to us who we are, and that can either drive us away in fear or cause us to cry out for mercy. In The Holiness of God, Dr. R.C. Sproul illustrates the majesty of God's holiness through a biblical and historical study of what people experience when they encounter the Holy One and find ultimate refuge in the righteousness of Christ.

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